The Advoz Story

Advoz formed in 2017 from two long-serving community-based organizations in Lancaster County providing conflict mediation for families, neighbors and businesses, restorative justice dialogue for youthful offenders and those they harm and conflict skills training for people of all ages throughout the region.

Both Lancaster Mediation Center, founded in 1981, and Center for Community Peacemaking/LAVORP in 1994, were started by veteran peacemakers, legal professionals and community and faith leaders who saw a “third way” out of many conflicts and harm. These visionaries, many now established leaders in the field, saw the potential and moral imperative to offer deeper resolution and healing with “third party” facilitated face-to-face dialogue methods developed in the 1980s and 1990s. Those methods promise more effective outcomes in resolution and healing than courts and many other crisis response options, and that effectiveness drives our passion to continue this work to you.

Drawing initially from expertise in local international development organizations and colleges, Lancaster County has developed a unique set of programs in Advoz. Unlike many other states and countries, Pennsylvania lacks statewide mandates or funding for using mediation and restorative justice. Only through continued community partnerships and support from hundreds of individuals, congregations and businesses, has Advoz been able to rise to meet a changing community with truly transformative approaches.

In 2017, Advoz formed to provide not only mediation and restorative justice as in the original organizations, but also combine resources and expertise to change the way our communities “does” conflict and crime more proactively. That includes an expanded set of services, partnerships with schools and police and new trainings in communication, conflict and restorative practices at schools, organizations and other groups to prevent situations from erupting in violence or crime. 

We hope you’ll join us in this work restorative and transformational journey. Find out more about our services here

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