Staff and Board Leadership

Advoz is committed to helping those in challenging life situations–whether involved in conflict or impacted by violence. Our skilled staff and volunteers offer conflict resolution and restorative justice services based out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania that have been recommended again and again by thousands who have participated since 1980. Advoz is overseen by a dedicated staff including:

Christopher Fitz
Executive Director, Community Engagement

Chris studied and worked in conflict resolution, program management, and fund development for more than 20 years. He founded and led campus-based mediation programs at Hampshire College (Amherst, MA) and Colgate University (Hamilton, NY) and has studied and worked with community peacemaking in the US, Northern Ireland and Croatia, earning his M.A. at the Universitat Jaume I (Castellon, Spain). More recently he has nurtured interest in arts-based approaches to transforming conflict with improvisation and action theatre. In leadership since 2014 with the Center for Community Peacemaking before merging with Conflict Resolution Services, Chris shares a bustling bi-lingual and musical household in Marietta with his wife and two children.


Mila Pilz
Executive Director, Program Operations

Mila has a long-standing passion for conflict resolution, going back to being a peer mediator in elementary school. After earning a B.A. from Bloomsburg University in Communications and M.A.’s in Conflict Resolution and in International and Intercultural Communication from the University of Denver, Mila took her skills abroad. In Amman, Jordan she taught in a K-8 school, working with school discipline and parent-school relations. In leadership since 2014 with Conflict Resolution Services before merging to form Advoz, Mila is excited to be making her hometown an even better place to live, including for her own family, husband and four-year-old daughter.


Krista Rittenhouse, Restorative Justice Case Manager
Krista Rittenhouse
Case Manager, Restorative Justice

Krista Rittenhouse got involved with Advoz training and volunteering in Restorative Justice Conferencing this spring. But she went beyond the call of duty by successfully reaching dozens of case participants on the phone. Now the case manager for restorative conferencing, she will coordinate and coach volunteer facilitators on 150+ cases of harm each year. Krista graduated from Eastern Mennonite University in 2014, studying peacebuilding, development and Spanish, with a special interest in restorative justice. She comes to Advoz with a range of experience in social services, mission work and retail management. Krista is excited to help people heal relationships and invest in Lancaster city youth. She is an avid runner and loves rock climbing, board games, and sharing food with friends.


Addrienne Whitfield
Administrative Assistant

Advoz has a new friendly voice who could be answering your phone call; Addrienne Whitfield began in September as Advoz’s administrative assistant. She joins the organization from the travel and service industry where she brings extensive customer service experience and organizational skills. On any given day, you’ll find Addrienne directing inquiries for conflicts, inviting volunteers to work an event or getting better deals with our vendors. Addrienne enjoys spending time with family and friends, where she already has achieved peacemaker status. In her free time, you’ll find her at music concerts or escaping to the beach. We’re excited to have Addrienne contribute to Advoz’s present and future as she keeps our office humming — with an extra-friendly voice.


Board of Directors 

Lucille Connors, Chair
CEO at Signfica Benefit Services, Inc.

Ken Nissley, Vice Chair
Case Manager, IT Professional, Retired

John Bomberger, Treasurer
Former CEO, Choice Books, Retired

John Huber, Secretary
Attorney at Gibbel Kraybill & Hess, Retired

Rob Bomberger
President at Benjamin Roberts, Ltd.

John Eby
Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Messiah College

Peter Faben
Attorney, Barley Snyder LLP

Dawn Gamble, CPA, CGMA
CFO consultant

James Landis
Management Consultant

Marjorie Carkhuff Mattey
Healthcare services consultant

Barbara Spiegelberg
Real Estate Professional, Retired

Deanna Weaver
Deputy Director at Lancaster Victim/Witness Services