Landlord Tenant Mediation

Landlord Tenant Mediation

We have collaborated:

The impact of eviction is not limited to only the tenants and landlords. It also negatively impacts employers, schools, social services, courts, neighborhoods, local governments, and many others. For this reason, we are including a broad group of partners who are focused on the shared goal of preventing eviction. This is significant when developing a strong landlord-tenant mediation program.

Services for tenants:

  • Financial Counseling will assist with credit and budget issues before landlords need to pursue eviction
  • Assistance in connecting clients to resources that support in paying rental arrearages
  • Exploration of payment options regarding debts. Options could entail budgeting and payment plans or financial assistance if qualified. Including but not limited to credit cards, charge off accounts, collection accounts, medical debts, etc.
  • Access to trained mediators who provide a safe non-hostile environment to unpack and share perspectives.

Services for landlords:

  • Access to trained mediators that can help facilitate discussions between parties to help build a favorable outcome among everyone.
  • Provide a hosted environment where the impact of payments can be presented, addressed, and acknowledged.

The goal of this program:

  • Everyone walks away with a signed agreement and are satisfied with the outcome
  • Tenant is securely housed 6 months after mediation (not necessarily in the same address)
  • Prevent an eviction from being filed for at least 6 months
  • Both parties adhere to the agreement for at least 6 months

Thanks to grant monies from government and private entities, we have funding opportunities for 25-30 cases for this partnered Landlord-Tenant mediation service. We look forward to bringing the community together enforcing healthy and effective dialogue.

For more information contact our office (717) 397-2404, to submit your specific case, please fill out your information in the Advoz Housing Dispute Form below. Thank you.