Our Mediators and Facilitators

    Advoz mediators and facilitators come from different backgrounds, each completing at least 40 hours of training with complementary education and diverse professional and personal backgrounds — teachers, social workers, attorneys, pastors, counselors. parents and more. The Advoz team is available to mediate, facilitate and provide training both online and across Central and Eastern Pennsylvania. To request services, click here; we will work with your needs to bring the most effective team for you.

    Sharon Allen-Spann

    Practice Areas Circle Process, Training

    Sharon has worked in human resources, diversity, equity and inclusion, and leadership development for more than 20 years, most recently as Director of HR for the City of Lancaster. She holds a BSEd, MS Ed., SPHR, and a SHRM-SCP. She mediates because she believes “in the value of restorative justice practices and the ways circle process can help increase communication and resolve conflict.” She serves on the Advoz Board of Directors.  

    Terry Baker 

    Practice Areas – Training, Making Peace Workshop 

    Terry spends retirement weaving and doing volunteer work for several organizations. She was an ESL teacher’s assistant for K-12 and has taught Strengthening Families programs through COBYS. Terry was also involved in Stephen Ministry, which offers active listening support for people in crisis within the church setting. She holds a BS in forestry and mediates because “good, strong relationships are one of the most important aspects of life.” 

    Susan Blackburn 

    Practice Area – Restorative Conferencing 

    Susan served in the juvenile justice field for over 40 years, first as a juvenile probation officer in Somerset County then with the PA Juvenile Court Judges Commission since 1998, as the statewide Balanced and Restorative Justice Specialist. She holds a BS in Administration of Justice from Pennsylvania State University and an MS in Administration of Justice from Shippensburg University. She facilitates to “bring peace, justice, and empowerment.” 

    Linda Boomer  

    Practice Areas – Mediation (Custody & Divorce), Circle Process, Training 

    Linda has worked in a Divorce and Custody Mediation Practice and was a Family Sexual Assault Treatment Specialist for Child Protective Services in Columbia County Oregon since 1990. She received her M.ED in counseling and mediates to “empower people to make choices that work in their best interest and provide a path toward peaceful resolutionbecause it is exciting and transformative work.” 

    Donna Brady  

    Practice Areas – Restorative Conferencing, Circle Process 

    Donna worked as a high school teacher, an assistant director and faculty member for the PA Governor’s School for Teaching and was a Building Representative for PMEA/PSEA. She received her BS in Secondary Education/Social Studies and Masters Equivalency P.D.E. from Millersville University. She has a passion for the power of dialogue based on mutual respect and is motivated to seek understanding for healing harm and division.  

    Matthew Carlson 

    Practice Areas – Restorative Conferencing, Training, Circle Process 

    Matthew began this work as a restorative justice facilitator at Fairfield Center in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Now the co-pastor for Akron Mennonite Church, he states he often uses a restorative framework in this role. He holds an MDiv in Eastern Mennonite Seminary, a Graduate Certificate in Restorative Justice from the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding, and a Bachelor of Music in Theory and Composition from West Chester University.  

    Dawn Clement  

    Practice Areas – Mediation (General, Divorce & Custody), Training 

    Dawn practices as family law mediator and opened her practice serving Chester and Lancaster Counties in Pennsylvania. She received a JD from the University of Baltimore School of Law and was a former litigator with PA Domestic Relations. She mediates because “it empowers individuals to make decisions for themselves and reduces costs and risks associated with going to court,and she believes that mediation can heal and transform relationships. 

    Charity Connor 

    Practice Areas – Mediation (General, Divorce & Custody, Business) 

    Charity is an attorney who has provided consulting evaluating litigation management and legal billing practices. She holds a JD from the University of Pennsylvania and a BA in economics through Temple University. She mediates because it “provides an excellent opportunity for her to utilize her experience and training while continuing to support important initiatives.” 

    Robin Costenbader-Jacobson 

    Practice Areas – Mediation (General, Divorce & Custody), Training  

    Robin is a certified Professional Life and Executive Transition Coach, licensed nurse, and elected education public official. She is also CEO of a small business and not-for-profit organization. With mediation training in divorce and family areas, Robin holds a BA in Psychology and Political Science. Robin mediates “so that people may affordably reduce their stress and find peace with one another, making life changes.” 

    Jeffrey L. Druce 

    Practice Areas – Training, Mediation (General, Divorce & Custody, Business) 

    Jeffrey has been a mediator with Advoz and its preceding programs since 1987. He holds a BA in Psychology and an MBA, with additional postgraduate work in business. He mediates because “It is one of the ways that I give back to the community I live in.” He is a former board member of the Lancaster Mediation Center which preceded Advoz 

    John W. Eby  

    Practice Areas – Mediation (General, Business), Circle Process 

    John is a retired Professor of Sociology and Business Management. Among the courses he has taught are  Peace and Conflict Studies, Research Methods and Race, and Ethnicity and Gender. He has a Ph.D. from Cornell University.  He meditates because of “the satisfaction of seeing participants begin angry and with mistrust, but leave having resolved a conflict and rebuilding a relationship.” He previously served on the Advoz Board of Directors. 

    Carmen Epstein 

    Practice Areas – Restorative Conferencing, Training, Circle Process, Making Peace Workshop 

    Carmen is a social and emotional learning educator and holds an M.ED in human sexuality education. A bilingual speaker (English/Spanish) from a multinational household, she believes “in restorative justice and that shame and punitive measures are not effective when healing an individual or community. Restorative justice helps aid that healing.” 

    Rich Erdlen  

    Practice Areas – Mediation (General), Restorative Conferencing, Circle Process 

    Rich is a former school psychologist, most recently with the Intermediate Unit 12, and now works in a private practice. He received his PhD in Psychology from Temple University. He mediates because “it fits with my intention to enhance peace by reducing conflict. The skillsets vary, but mediation, restorative conferencing, circle-keeping, and co-parenting intervention all fit under the umbrella of fostering peace.” 

    Brooks Foland 

    Practice Areas – Mediation (General, Business) 

    Brooks is a certified mediator with the US District Court, has been a board member on the Pennsylvania Council of Mediators, and has 80+ hours of mediation training. He holds a JD from Widener University School of Law and a BA in Political Science from Temple University. He loves mediating because he “loves helping people resolve conflict.” 

    Gloria Hawkes 

    Practice Areas – Mediation, Restorative Conferencing, Circle Process  

    Gloria has been a school counselor, educator, and a coach for Chester County for almost 40 years, before retiring to Lancaster County. She attended Denison for International political science and pre-law. She also holds a BS in education and an M.ED in counseling from West Chester University. Gloria states that she “always considered herself an advocate for children and restorative justice, and Advoz helps her continue that mission.”

    Sue Heilman 

    Practice Area(s) – Circle Process, Making Peace Workshop 

    Sue has served for decades in health care and nursing with a Bachelor of Nursing degree. She has also had a passion for social justice and facilitated workshops of the Alternatives to Violence Project at Graterford Prison. She facilitates to “help create a more non-violent world and continue to work on her own communication and peacemaking skills.” 

    Jill Heine  

    Practice Areas – Training, Mediation, Restorative Conferencing, Making Peace Workshop, Circle Process  

    Jill has over 25 years of experience in business administration and education. She also holds an MA in Restorative Justice from the Center for Justice & Peacebuilding (CJP). She is the founder of On The Journey Consulting, whose vision is to help individuals & organizations build a culture that works for everyone through support and inviting accountability using restorative practices. She mediates because she is “passionate about helping people name power dynamics and create environments where people feel seen and valued.”

    Kim Hocker 

    Practice Area – Restorative Conferencing

    Kim has worked as an administrator in higher education and holds a BA in Sociology from SUNY Geneseo. With a focus on facilitating restorative justice for young people and those that were harmed, she facilitates because she “wants to be a part of co-creating a more just society.”  

    Courtnee Jordan-Cox  

    Practice Area – Training 

    Courtnee is Assistant Dean of Student Affairs and College House Dean at Franklin and Marshall College and a freelance artist. She completed her PhD in Organizational Leadership from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology with a focus on trauma. She holds an MA in Strategic Communication from Villanova University and a BA from Marquette University in Advertising and Sociology. Among many other activities, Courtnee is a trained yoga instructor. 

    Anthony F. Kern 

    Practice Areas – Mediation (General), Restorative Conferencing, Circle Process 

    Anthony is Human Resource Director with the State Civil Service Commission and the County of Schuylkill. He was also a Labor Relations Specialist for the Office of Administration. He holds a BA in Philosophy and Political Science from Dickinson College, an MPA from Syracuse University, and an MA in Conflict Resolution from PennWest California. Anthony mediates because he “sees the benefits of alternate dispute resolution from his background in labor relations.” 

    P. Alan Loss

    Practice Areas – Mediation (General, Business, Divorce & Custody), Restorative Conferencing 

    Alan has been a Certified Financial Planner for 41 years, most recently with the firm he cofounded, Personal Wealth Advisory, LLC, helping individuals learn about and instituting goal setting programs. He managed the Thriftway Supermarket on South Duke St. in Lancaster from 1964-1979. He received a BS in Agricultural Economics from Cornell University. He likes to “help individuals and families solve problems and communicate better in order to reach mutually beneficial agreements.”

    Tim Martin  

    Practice Area – Restorative Conferencing  

    Tim is a realtor and active in numerous areas in his New Holland-area community, including being a board member for Gate House for Men and Women in Recovery. He holds a sales and marketing degree from West Palm Beach Junior College, and mediates to “help young people understand peace, justice, and accountability.”  

    Cody Miller 

    Practice Areas – Circle Process, Training 

    Cody is the Director of Volunteer Engagement at York College and holds an MEd in Higher Education from Baylor University. He was an Area Coordinator at Elizabethtown College and a Youth Counselor at Independent Living Program, Children’s Home of York.  

    Joe Moore 

    Practice Area – Circle Process 

    Joe has been a facilitator in numerous transformational education methods including the Alternatives to Violence Project, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs and Team Building projects. He holds an MS in Organizational Development and Behavior and mediates because his “life mission is to help other’s reach their full potential.” He tries to live by the quote, “Do something bigger than yourself.”  

    Annie Nguyen  

    Practice Areas – Mediation (General, Business), Training 

    Annie is a Program Manager for Short-Term Study Abroad at Cornell University. She was previously a senior coordinator for the Hamilton in France program (Hamilton College), a Coordinator of Study Abroad (York College), and a Mediator with Dispute Resolution Services of North Texas. She believes that “Mediation can be a transformative process that allows people to really listen to each other.”  

    Chinemelu Oguekwe 

    Practice Area – Restorative Conferencing 

    Chinemelu (“Chichi”) works with local churches and formerly incarcerated individuals, advocating for peace and justice in the Philadelphia community. She has prior work in programs addressing domestic violence and refugee resettlement. She holds a BA in Psychology and a master’s in social work from the University of Connecticut. She facilitates to provide space “for healthy conversations, empowering individuals to address their needs, resolve differences, and restore relationships.” 

    Jehovanny (Jeo) Ramos 

    Practice Areas – Restorative Conferencing, Training 

    Jeo is a facilitator, storyteller, public speaker, rap artist, and small business owner. Inspired by successes he saw with restorative practices in education, he continues as a restorative facilitator and trainer with Advoz, and as a motivational speaker in schools nationwide. He has a background in graphic design and hip-hop culture and has a “passion for connecting with others through stories, healing, and compassion for one another. 

    Meek Rineer 

    Practice Areas – Mediation (General, Divorce & Custody, Business), Restorative Conferencing  

    Meek has a background in addiction, trauma, and family counseling and has obtained a BS, AAC, CTP, and CFRS. After many years in the medical and social work field, she now works for the family business LLESS. Inc, which works with people who have intellectual disabilities to develop job and life skills. Meek has been a mediator since 2008 and says,It’s so rewarding to see people of all walks of life find freedom.” She was also on the Advoz Board of Directors. 

    Jonathan E. Rudy 

    Practice Area – Training 

    Jonathan is an international peace education facilitator, focusing on humancentered security and nonviolence. He specializes in peace program training design and often works with Mennonite Central Committee. He completed his MA in Religion and has graduate certificates in Conflict Transformation and Teaching for Higher Education. He believes that “restoring relationships is the only path to sustainable community security.” He serves on the Advoz Board of Directors. 

    Marisol Santos 

    Practice Areas – Circle Process, Making Peace Workshop 

    Marisol is the Director of Student and Family Engagement at The Mix and serves on the Leadership Team as the Community Engagement Specialist at Lone Oak Animal-Assisted Therapeutic and Educational Services. She holds a BS in Business Administration and is working on her master’s in social work at Millersville University. She facilitates because it allows her to “give back to the community and helps her view conflict resolution from different perspectives.” 

    Paula Silverstein  

    Practice Areas – Mediation (General, Business, Divorce & Custody) 

    Paula is a private practice attorney concentrating on Family Law, Divorce and Custody. She graduated from Widener University School of Law. She states “It is truly rewarding to help people find their own solutions to their issues without the stress and negativity of litigation and do it through peaceful resolution. That is my personal goal.”

    Daryl Snider 

    Practice Area – Circle Process

    Daryl is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter with a focus on personal and societal well-being. He holds an MA in Conflict Transformation from the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding and has completed several Circle Process trainings with Kay Pranis. He facilitates because he believes “seeking to truly understand each other – and to be understood – at a deeper level is life-changing.”

    Barbara J. Spiegelberg 

    Practice Areas – Mediation (General, Divorce & Custody, Business), Circle Process, Restorative Conferencing 

    Barbara has worked in real estate sales and management, holding degrees in Psychology, Philosophy, and History. As an early adopter of both mediation and restorative justice since the 1980s, she learned the skills to be more kind, listen more intentionally, and making the community a better place to live in. She mediates because it allows her to “make a positive impact in the world, empowering individuals to address conflict effectively.” She has served on the Advoz Board of Directors. 

    Tasha Stoltzfus Nankerville 

    Practice Area – Restorative Conferencing 

    Tasha is an attorney at Barley Snyder LLP and previously interned with the Lancaster County District Attorney’s office and Villanova’s Clinic for Asylees and Refugees and the Institute to Address Commercial Sexual Exploitation (addressing human trafficking in PA). She holds a JD and an MPA from Villanova University. She facilitates because it allows her to be in communion with her community and provides her opportunities to witness the healing of human relationships. She is a member of the Advoz Board of Directors.

    Marty Thomas-Brummé  

    Practice Areas – Mediation (General, Divorce & Custody, Business), Training 

    Marty holds a BS in Special Education from Mansfield University, an M.ED in Counseling from Millersville University, and a PhD in Psychoeducational Processes at Temple University. He has completed numerous mediation trainings and his professional experience includes running a mediation center in Scranton, PA, managing a homeless shelter, running a center for a national school dropout prevention organization, and working in higher education. 

    Earldine V. Tolbert 

    Practice Areas – Mediation, Circle Process, Training, Making Peace Workshop 

    Earldine has been a Community Resource Coordinator, a Cultural Competence TrainerFacilitator, and a Workforce Education Program Specialist. She has an educational background in mental health/social services and business education from Temple University. She sees herself as a “born peacemaker and relishes the effectiveness of mediation in the face of conflict.” She serves on the Advoz Board of Directors. 

    Kim White

    Practice Areas – Training, Mediation (General, Divorce and Custody, and Business) 

    Kim is a former divorce master. She retired from the practice of law and has been a mediator since 2016. She holds a JD from West Virginia University College of Law and a BS from Slippery Rock University. Kim mediates because “it is a privilege to encourage people to resolve conflict.”

    Juji Woodring 

    Practice Area – Circle Process 

    Juji is a licensed social worker, psychotherapist and certified leader in the InterPlay form of embodied storytelling. She is a volunteer co-leader for the regional chapter of Coming to the Table, a network using restorative justice practices to address racial harm. Juji holds a master’s in social work from Millersville University.  

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