Advoz’s success in reconciling work depends on the unique talents, experiences and time investments of people like you. Our mediators and facilitators are highly trained volunteers, and our outreach depends on community connections like yours. We welcome your own interest in:

  • Mediating family and other disputes
  • Facilitating restorative dialogue between crime victims and offenders (generally juveniles)
  • Organizing Advoz community outreach, events and trainings

Empower others to resolve disputes and to repair the harm caused in crime by becoming an Advoz volunteer! And help us spread the word about the power of face-to-face dialogue to build peace and a restorative justice.

Take the first step with an info session or training to equip you with these powerful relationship-building skills.

Interning at Advoz Appreciation Circle
Zoie and Hayley share a smile after an "appreciation circle" on their final day interning with Advoz.


Interns are an integral part of our work.

As an intern, you see how our unique set of programs work while also gaining many organizational skills working in a small, energetic staff team with numerous other volunteers. For maximum benefit to you and the organization, we encourage for-credit internships of 4-9 months at 10-15 hours per week, but other arrangements are not unusual. The most common internships are:

  • Communications and Outreach, learning to tell the stories of our transformative programs to the wider community unfamiliar with power of mediation and restorative justice;
  • Program Operations, learning to coordinate and facilitate conflict resolution and restorative justice as part of a staff and volunteer team.  

Interested in learning more? Please contact us today.

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