Restorative Justice 101: Foundations & Applications

July 31, 2018 from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. 

HACC-Lancaster Campus
1641 Old Philadelphia Pike
Lancaster, PA 17602

In this training, professionals from all backgrounds will learn about the foundational principles, practices and applications that build restorative and inclusive communities in schools, workplaces and the community at large through a combination of lecture, small group activities and hands-on exercises.  Restorative practices are foundational elements that can be used to create a culture and climate where all who are part of that community are given voice through clear expectation, support and commitment to shared values. Schools can use restorative practices to proactively create educational environments that are socially and emotionally grounded and discipline practices that support behavior change and integration as opposed to punishment and exclusion. Professionals can use this information to create inclusive work environments. Communities often experience restorative justice as a means to address harm by bringing together the folks directly impacted to make decisions about addressing and repairing the harm.

Fee includes training materials, drinks, snacks and lunch.  CLEs for Attorneys and CEUs for social workers, professional counselors, and marriage and family therapists are available for an extra fee. Please contact our office to learn about scholarships and volunteer/non-profit rates.

Early bird registration ends July 6, 2018.  Registration closes on July 23, 2018


Basic Mediation Training: September 13,14,15 Learn to engage conflict in productive ways and to facilitate its resolution as a third party.

Restorative Justice Conferencing: Tuesday and Thursday evenings, October 2 & 4, 9 & 11, 16 & 18, from 6-9 p.m. and Saturdays, Oct. 6th, 13th and 20, from 9 am-4 pm.  Learn to help victims and offenders of crime/violations repair the harm through dialogue.

Below is a sample of Advoz trainings over the past six months. Stay tuned on our eDialogue newsletter or social media for the upcoming dates for trainings in 2018-2019! As always, custom trainings can be requested for your business, school, congregation or community setting by contacting or calling (717) 397-2404.

Restorative dialogue training - Photo credit: Jim Vaiknoras - The Hechinger Report
Pittsfield, NH Middle High School English teacher Jenny Wellington, bottom left, observes a practice session of her schools Restorative Justice Committee.

Restorative Justice Victim-Offender Conferencing Training

April 3-21, 2018 (35 hours)

Could you facilitate restorative justice and healing from conflict and crime? Advoz is training volunteers to facilitate face-to-face restorative justice with youth and adult offenders and those they’ve harmed. In addition to learning the conferencing process and practicing it through role plays, trainees will learn about the justice system, about victim’s rights and needs, ethics and communication skills.

Learn about the following topics:

  • Victim-offender conferencing process
  • Ccourt and probation systems
  • Victim rights and needs
  • Ethics
  • Communications tools

Practice being a facilitator through multiple role plays that walk you through the three-step process of Advoz’s restorative justice conferencing involving those who’ve harmed others, those who’ve been harmed and at times, other relevant family and community members.

The intensive 35-hr training takes place: 

  • Tue, April 3, 6 – 9 pm
  • Thu., April 5, 6-9 pm
  • Saturday, April 7, 9 am-5 pm
  • Tue, April 10, 6-9 pm
  • Thu., April 12, 6-9 pm
  • Saturday, April 14, 9 am – 5 pm
  • Saturday, April 21. 9 am – 5 pm

Fee for those planning to volunteer in the Advoz’s Restorative Justice Conferencing program is $95, which includes written and digital materials (a book, manual, and DVD), refreshments and professional leadership. Scholarships are available by contacting

Fee for those who are using the training for professional development purposes is $375. The fee includes CLEs for attorneys or CEUs for social workers, written and digital materials (a book, manual, and DVD), refreshments and professional leadership.

An additional volunteer application is required for those applying at the volunteer/scholarship rate.

Registration deadline is March 19.

If you would like to volunteer in this program, complete both of the following forms by the deadlines above.

If you are taking this training for professional development, simply select “Complete Registration.”

Basic Mediation Training Training

May 3-5, 2018

Want to feel prepared to handle constructively conflicts that crop up in your personal and professional life? And help others in their conflict? This course introduces you to each stage of the mediation process and to practice being a mediator through multiple role plays.  The communication and conflict resolution skills that a mediator models will also be taught and practiced in the training.

Hours are from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. on May 3rd, 4th and 5th, Thursday through Saturday.

Early Bird Registration Discount Ends Friday, March 30!

Learn about and practice:

  • Communication methods
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • The mediation process
  • Ethics

Practice being a mediator through multiple role plays. Equips you for basic use of mediation in a personal and professional context. Advanced training and mentoring available afterward through Advoz.

Full fee of $475 includes training materials, lunch and refreshments, all led by experienced professional trainers. Discounts and scholarships available.

Save $50 when you register by March 30th. Registration deadline is April 26th. Members of PA Council of Mediators receive an additional $50 discount.  Please contact us to learn more about discount and scholarship opportunities.

Continuing education (CEU) is available for social workers, professional counselors and family therapists and continuing legal education (CLEs) is available for attorneys for an additional $50.

COMING SOON: Intermediate Mediation Training

One-Day Training Format
9 am – 4:30 pm

HACC-Lancaster Campus
1641 Old Philadelphia Pike, Lancaster, PA

If you’ve had basic mediation training, this one-day workshop is the next step to sharpen your skills to resolve conflict as a third-party. Intermediate Mediation Training uses interactive exercises and discussions to lead basic mediators though examining the following topics: dealing with intense emotions, the use of silence, the role of support parties in mediation, power imbalances and a more detailed look into agreements to mediate and the problem-solving stage of the mediation process.  In addition, each participant will have the opportunity to mediate one conflict (with outside role players) and receive feedback from a “coach.”

This session prepares trainees to mediate a range of disputes through Advoz. A special rate for volunteers and scholarships may be available by contacting

Register to reserve your place. Date and time to be announced.

Other trainings are available in the following topics:

  • Communication & Conflict Resolution Theory & Skills
  • Advanced Mediation Training
  • Divorce & Custody Mediation Training
  • Elder Mediation Training
  • Restorative Justice Theory and Practices (introductory and advanced)
  • Restorative Dialogue for Crime Victims/Offenders (also called Victim Offender Conferencing)
  • Circle Process Facilitation (also called Restorative or Peacemaking Circles)
  • Restorative Schools: Community Building and Accountable Discipline for Youth

Building competency and experience using conflict resolution and restorative practices is vital to building a peaceable community, able to endure tough dialogue in times of tension, conflict and violence. Advoz draws on an experienced training team to equip you or your group, business or school in using mediation and restorative practices to positively address conflict and disciplinary issues.

Interested in a future course? Contact us to let us know your interest.